Car Parts in Regina

engine of sports car

Precision Motorsports in Regina has a variety of parts available for all makes and models of cars from classic antiques to modern luxury vehicles. If you need a simple part such as a filter, hub cap, or spark plug, we have those available. We also have larger, more expensive parts for your engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, electrical system, and more. We have a vast inventory as well as custom ordering capabilities.

Do you have a car that has seen its last driving days? Don’t let it go to waste. Precision Motorsports purchases cars for parts that we can use for other vehicles. Our professional team will assess your vehicle and give you a fair market price based on the quantity and condition of the parts your car has to offer. If you know of any specific parts that are in good shape that you want to highlight, feel free to mention them to our staff. Once the parts of value have been removed, we compact the rest of the car for recycling and use it for scrap metal.

Contact us or stop in to see our full inventory of parts for your car, truck, van, motorcycle, or commercial vehicle.

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